WordWiggle by Michael Sinz
MKSoft Development

Copyright 1982-2006
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WordWiggle for Palm OS

WordWiggle is also available for PalmOS devices.  The main code is available at http://www.sinz.org/Palm and the dictionary can be gotten from WordWiggle.com.

In order to get a dictionary for your Palm, you must be registered as a player at WordWiggle.comRegistration is free.

The dictionary is rather large in that it has over 173,000 words and, in uncompressed form, is more than 1,750,000 bytes.  It is encoded into a file that uses around 16.1 bits (2.01 bytes) per word, thus taking the over 1750K file and making it around 350K.  (This is without GZIP as decoding performance is critical.)

For more details as to the Palm version, please visit http://www.sinz.org/Palm.